We offer our customers the highest quality of products at competitive prices. Our offer includes summer and winter sorted clothes.

From many years we export our sorted clothes to African and Asian markets. Most of loaded containers are 40HC due to reduce to min transport costs.

As a trial order we can load also 20ft. Our goods are balled in two kinds of bales: 55 kg and 120 kg (see pictures). One container 40HC can be loaded with 532 bales per 55 kg. Sorted clothes are prepared on our warehouses as follow:

ASI Asian clothes
BAB Bric a brac (packed in boxes)
BAG Bags mix
BED Bed sheet (mix coloures)
BELT Mixed Leather Belts
BJP Boys jeans pants
BLA Blankets (Full size)
BOO Books
BRA Brassieres
CCR Children Light Cotton rummage
CHS Children sweaters
CMR Children Medium Rummage
CWJ Children winter jackets (zip)
CWR Children winter Rumage mix (0-10 years)
CZJ Children Zipper Jackets
FLE Fleece
FSH Flannel Shirts (Winter shirts)
FTS Football T-shirts
GLO Wool Caps/Gloves/Mufflers
JSHO Jeans shorts
KR Household kitchen rummage
TOP Ladies tops short sleeve
LCD Cotton dresses thin
LCND Light cotton night dress (NO t’shirt type)
LCP Ladies cotton/jean pants
LCS Cotton skirts thin
LEATH Smooth leather Jackets
LPB Polyester/Silk blouses Short Sleeve
LPD Polyester/Silk dresses thin
LPS Polyester/Silk skirts thin
LTS Tergal skirts
MCP Men cotton pants
MJP Men Jean Pants
MSHW Men white shirt
MSJ Men Summer/Tropical Jackets
MSLS Men shirts long sleeve
MSSS Men shirt short sleeve
MTP Men Tergal Pants
MTS Mens T-shirts (short sleeve)
MWC Men’s winter coats (long and 3/4)
MWJ Mens winter jackets (zip)
MWP Men Woolen Pants
NET Net Curtains (small holes)
OSH Sport shorts
PIL Pillows and Quilts
PSO Paired Socks Light
SB Jogging pants (elastan + cord)
SHA Shoes Grade A
SHB Shoes Grade B
SHC Shoes Grade C
SHELL Track suits
SSC Silk Head Scarves
SWA Acrylic Sweaters
SWC Cotton Sweaters
SWW Wool Sweaters
TOW Towels (mix coloures)
TOY Toys
ZIPM Mixed Zipper Jackets